Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eyes in the Back of your Head

I've always heard that mothers had eyes in the back of their head, but I forgot about strange balding men.

I like this one. The mustache makes it a classic.

...How does a skull smoke without any lips?

Tribes in Africa used to wear masks on the back of their heads, because supposedly tigers won't pounce on you if you're looking right at them. This has nothing to do with this green abomination.

Ladies.... Imagine taking this gem home to mother. It all goes well.... until he leaves.

This is gonna look pretty stupid when his hair grows in, obscuring everything but the beard.

This guy gets simplistic. He feels the eyes themselves are intimidating enough to warn off tigers. And women.

And, even more simplistic... this guy goes for the gold with just one eyes.

And the last one...

Don't be so sad, cyclop man! Your weird... back of the head tattoo is not alone!

Anyways, bye all. See you later. We'll be watching.

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