Saturday, February 13, 2010


This blog has been abandoned. It was too much of a pain to post something every day, I lost interest and moved on. However I'm leaving it up as it was good for a laugh. And if you feel the need for more tattoo travesties, there is always Ugliest Tattoos!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Diaper Rash

To go along with yesterday's post of a man with a baby in a diaper tattoo, I have a picture of TWO men.... with baby FURRIES in diapers. That's right... I'm raising the stakes for you.

Notice closely that it is indeed a dirty diaper.

The Inner Infant?

Some people never grow up, just get older.

What better way to woo the ladies with your inner youth than a permanent picture of a baby on your bod?

That's hot.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rocket Man

And you know it's gonna be a long long time....

That you're gonna be stuck with that monstrosity.

Monday, July 13, 2009

One Lucky Baby

Everybody loves Mickey Mouse, right? Well, everybody also loves Rat Fink, the dirty smelly spin-off of Mickey Mouse. SOME people love Rat Fink so much, they get tattoos of him. Huge tattoos of him. On their stomachs.

Am I the only one who thinks those people should not be allowed to have children?


As an added bonus, here's a bunch of "Chi-Tonw" pics! Hooray!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Misspelling Mayhem!

I've featured a few misspelled tattoos before, but I think it's time we did a feature on them. Again, if you're going to emblazen yourself permanently with something, you should at least run it through spell check. And as always, it's a toss up for who's stupider... the tattooer or the tattooee. Surely someone along the way should have realized they spelled it rong.

A fairly common mistake. I made it myself. In middle school. (Tragedy /= "tradgedy")

While I fully agree with this statement, I also agree with the purchase of dictionaries. (You're /= "your", dealt /= "delt", and just to be picky, it's /= "its")

Does what? (Else /= "elese")

And the language! (System /= "systsem")

I wonder what the hero dropped? (Heroes /="hero's")

Too dumb to spellcheck. (Too /= "to")

Perhaps the best of this whole bunch:

(Awesome /= "awsome")
I've gotta wonder if he did it on purpose.

(again, You're /= "your")
Aside from the tackiness of using pop song lyrics in tattoos, there's also the literacy aspect.

And neither do you!
(Tomorrow /="tomarrow")

He should have sacrificed a few seconds to look in the dictionary. Loving the star-cover-up, too.
(Sacrifice /= "sacrafice")

And perhaps the most famous misspelled tattoo of all:

In case you missed the story, a dude sued over the misspelling of his "Chi-Town" tattoo, which in itself is nothing to look twice at, but in support of the tattoo artist, all the other artists in the shop ALSO got tattoos that said Chi-Tonw on them, and now it's kind of a fad, and people all over proudly walk around with tatts that deliberately read "Chi-Tonw." Ah, memes in the real world. :)