Sunday, July 12, 2009

Misspelling Mayhem!

I've featured a few misspelled tattoos before, but I think it's time we did a feature on them. Again, if you're going to emblazen yourself permanently with something, you should at least run it through spell check. And as always, it's a toss up for who's stupider... the tattooer or the tattooee. Surely someone along the way should have realized they spelled it rong.

A fairly common mistake. I made it myself. In middle school. (Tragedy /= "tradgedy")

While I fully agree with this statement, I also agree with the purchase of dictionaries. (You're /= "your", dealt /= "delt", and just to be picky, it's /= "its")

Does what? (Else /= "elese")

And the language! (System /= "systsem")

I wonder what the hero dropped? (Heroes /="hero's")

Too dumb to spellcheck. (Too /= "to")

Perhaps the best of this whole bunch:

(Awesome /= "awsome")
I've gotta wonder if he did it on purpose.

(again, You're /= "your")
Aside from the tackiness of using pop song lyrics in tattoos, there's also the literacy aspect.

And neither do you!
(Tomorrow /="tomarrow")

He should have sacrificed a few seconds to look in the dictionary. Loving the star-cover-up, too.
(Sacrifice /= "sacrafice")

And perhaps the most famous misspelled tattoo of all:

In case you missed the story, a dude sued over the misspelling of his "Chi-Town" tattoo, which in itself is nothing to look twice at, but in support of the tattoo artist, all the other artists in the shop ALSO got tattoos that said Chi-Tonw on them, and now it's kind of a fad, and people all over proudly walk around with tatts that deliberately read "Chi-Tonw." Ah, memes in the real world. :)

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