Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just doing my stretches

I'm not marking this one NSFW, because if you've never seen the original then you have no idea what this is.

You lucky bastard.

If you need reminding, you're masochistic, or just stupid, you can see the original image, dubbed "goatse," here. (Definitely not safe for work!) One of the internet's favorite images! :)


  1. Who would... that's just... ugh.


  2. I'm seconding amanda. that's just awful!

    and i couldn't really tell what the tat was sooo i clicked on the picture and gagged. literally it triggered the gag reflex.

    why...the fuck? seriously?

  3. Seriously, that guy is forever walking around with that man's asshole tattooed on his chest.

    And is also never, ever getting laid. Unless maybe he keeps his shirt on the entire time.