Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Your Mom Here

While I'm just as guilting as spouting off a "YOUR MOM" at opportune times as the average 15 year old boy, I can proudly say that I keep my damn mouth shut in some situations. But if you can't keep your damn mouth shut, or you just don't think your voice alone really conveys the sting that is insulting someone's mother.... well then these tattoos are for you.

If ever confronted with either of these, my suggestion is to frown, let your eyes water a little and say, "My mom passed away last week." The ensuing rush of guilt should wash the asshole out of your path.

Then of course, there's the more graphic version.

And to all you motherfuckers out there who don't give a damn about the vagina that brought you into the world.... they hit home with a much more direct message....

Not really sure how to follow up this gem. Except that to say that thank god these kind of people come with warning labels now.

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